Widebank is a bank is a bank is bank (adapted from Gertrude Stein)

“What’s a bank to you?” The same, seemingly simple question would receive very different replies during the course of one’s lifetime… and this is reflected by the offers and rhetorics you meet out there on the market. But has any bank been up to your expectations, hic et nunc, until now? Or have you always felt like you had to somehow fit their boxes in order to make use of whatever toolkit they had on offer

Widebank separates what it has to do to be a bank, a financial institution fully compliant with the current legal frameworks, and gold standards in terms of governance and business logics, and what it has to do to be YOUR bank: escalation is one of the keywords in the user experience we will offer you. Have a look through our pages, and consider to onboard for a tour.

…And as you become a deeper customer of our services by activating tier after tier of our system, you will gain access to more personalized care, to the point of becoming able of suggesting or asking for services that we have not yet thought of for you, and that we will strive to provide to the best of our efforts. With the emphasis on technology and connection in this presentation you might be tempted to thinking of us as yet another “bank in your pocket”, but we really are trying to build an invisible servant that will accompany and assist you through all the moment of joy or worries of your life.