Are you an entrepreneur or a SME? Then we have a few interesting features you might be interested in exploring: in facts, the tools for investment qualification that we describe on the dedicated section, can be applied to your own internal investments… How cool is that? Have you looked into the revolution of #FinDev that serverless brings to programming? This is its translation to your value chain!
…and we get it that it might not be straightforward and you are a busy person… why don’t you schedule an appointment with one of our specialist assistants at one of our branches?

However, there’s more! Apply for access to our blockchain backed credit circles, end-to-end solutions to handle interdependent supply chains and to exploit the trust you build with your proxies to generate effortless opportunities of credit for you and your partners (think of Sardex, but with the bank of tomorrow around).

And how about being able to access (and compare) through us insurance services, market opportunities, and product and service offers that you might be interested in?