PSD2 is getting real

The PSD2 regulation requires all account servicing providers (banks) with online payment accounts to have in place the technical specifications of their access interfaces and a publicly available testing facility for third-party providers, commonly referred as a “sandbox” environment, with secure APIs, documentation and support, on March 14th, six months prior to the September deadline.

Now a 3rd major product platform has gone live in EU. So we have
– DIGICASH, based in Luxembourg (

– MPULSE, based in Luxembourg ( …you see a trend there?

– FINOLOGEE, yes you guessed it, based in Luxembourg (

The field is finally heating up, and it’s expected to slowly but surely bring a change into what a bank is. WideBank is your bank of tomorrow, with no architectural and organizational debt… we are born by a vision of the future. Be ready 🙂

If you want to read more about PSD2, here is the official norm by EU

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