A single multicurrency account

Your banking, simplified. All your financial assets in one place.

  • A free multicurrency account 2
  • One single account for banking, trading and investing
  • Debit cards in both GBP and EUR
  • No currency conversion fees for paying or withdrawing in Euro

Anyone can start testing and adopting our services as easily as they would open a new fidelity account with an airline, or purchase a new SIM: just the bare minimum generalities, and you can start paying with our top-up service, up to the maximum limit consented by law for cash and/or for non-traced bank operations, and you can handle co-payment options, micro-lending, and even invoicing (have you paid for something in advance for a friend, and now you need to have it paid back?) on our best of breed technology platform, all free up to a reasonable personal use.

Are you interested in setting up a private or shared checking account, or saving account? Again, just offer us the lawfully required proves of identity through our mobile or web app, and you will shortly be up and running. And now you will have access to our personal virtual assistant, a system designed to help you manage your finance to the best of their potentials: not only will you have access to any transaction and operation on your account/s (or be notified about them, according to your preferences) in real time, and to our summary view where your expenses are categorized and can be visualized according to several logics (timing, frequencies, market category, geography, …) to help you rethink your habits and strategies, … our assistant will also help you keep track of upcoming periodic expenses, or expenses very common in your region or among customers significantly similar to you, to help you analyse the scenarios that might follow your decision to purchase certain goods and services (especially those tricky ones, that will require repeated payments over a long time), and to qualify the general risk on your financial prospect, to support your long-term wellness and health.

Do you need to pay in foreign currencies? As we expand our network of services abroad you will be able to pay like a local paying the currency for its mid-market price in ever more countries. And we are not shy to admit that if a player does better than we do (are you thinking TransferWise? WB21?) we will seek to partner with them to offer you all the best services with one entry point for you only.